We have been designing weddings and events in Italy with true passion since 1987. This has allowed us to get to know and analyse more than 15,000 venues and more than 20,000 suppliers, selecting those that met our reliability and quality criteria. This means that, once we understand the customers’ needs, we can easily propose a wide range of alternatives.


We offer our customers value for money: what counts is not the price as a figure on a bill, but the price in relation to the quality provided. A posy of 17 second-rate roses will clearly cost less than a bouquet of 25 first-rate ones; but if you pay 140 euro for the former and 170 euro for the latter, the former is a rip-off and the latter is a bargain. It is important to understand what you are buying. We know this and we want to act in a perfectly transparent way so that our customers understand us.


We sign a legal contract with all our couples to guarantee our commitment to our clients. Under the contract, every aspect is taken care of, from the very beginning and there are no hidden costs. Your privacy is also guaranteed by the contract, in line with the applicable regulations.


Having organised weddings and events in Italy for longer than anyone else and now passed the 14,000 mark, we have very good relationships with all the wedding venues in Italy and have strong bargaining power with venues and suppliers. Sometimes this results in better prices, and sometimes in more advantageous conditions.


Paolo & Jinane are a creative duo with a difference that makes them stand out: their ability to offer real innovation. Their approach to the concept is absolutely unique and it allows them to shy away from the same old trends and ‘photocopy events’ now visible everywhere. P & j is now a world-class brand with a strong identity thanks to its ability to interpret clients’ needs and blend them with the history and culture of the locations with innovation and fun. They design the event in its entirety: from the general mood to the decor, from the lighting design to the floral design.


Paolo & Jinane are supported by their own team of talented specialists who take care of every aspect: architect, lighting engineer, logistics expert, structures manager, senior planners etc… Together with their Team, P & J have organised some of the most sensational and fascinating events ever to take place in Italy. The 14-strong team means that all risks and all kinds of unforeseen events or supplier shortcomings can be managed.


We are the only wedding planners able to arrange weddings with civil validity in private locations, offering you the possibility to legally marry in private villas, castles, gardens, beaches and many other outdoor unusual locations. For years we have been providing this service to many of the most important luxury hotels (Four Seasons) and wedding venues in Italy (and also to some of our competitors).


We are an international company with on-site professional coordinators from all over the globe. Our wedding planners have in-depth knowledge of the culture and traditions of Italy, but also those of many other cultures and religions from all over the world. Our team includes Indian (Sikh and Hindu) Jewish, orthodox Zoroastrian, Muslim wedding specialists who have been organising these types of weddings and events for 12 to 15 years. We therefore ensure every detail is managed with extreme care and respect.


We have our own music department and manage many bands, DJs and musicians. Therefore in the field of music we are not the middleman, but the direct agents and contact. We also organize musical festivals and concerts by world renowned artists; we have our own classical music orchestra and produce operas. This is a guarantee of quality for our clients and can also result in price advantages for their requirements. On our website you can tune in to performances by our musicians in mp3 format, or watch their videos. Most importantly, we not only organise these services legally and with professionalism, but also ensure our clients are never let down by an artist or band that suddenly runs into difficulties and is unable to attend the event, since we can easily find a replacement.


The thousands of properties we have been working with for the past 15 years include 7 of our own where you can feel at home in Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast. Two castles and 5 luxury villas, the perfect locations for organizing events.


The names of the venues that you read on our web site are the real names of each location. They are not fictitious names like those commonly published on other web sites to prevent you from contacting the venues directly. We have worked with all the venues we use for 35 years and supply them with various services, so we have no qualms about telling you their real names.


We have our own lighting & sound company. This allows us to offer excellent value for money and to work flawlessly as a team. Given the variety of events we cover, we also work with many other sound/lighting companies throughout Italy. The fact that we have our own in-house company has enabled us to achieve a level of specific know-how and professionalism at least equal to that of our suppliers.