For any wedding couple who wishes, it is possible to request a blessing by Pope Benedict XVI. Each blessing may be granted in two ways: either through a simple telegram or on parchment paper. In each case, the Pope grants an Apostolic Blessing over the couple for their wedding day, in front of the participants of the ceremony. Regency San Marino can obtain a papal blessing in both ways for the couple. The blessing will be publicly read aloud by the celebrant of the wedding, at the end of the marriage rite. The couple will have this tangible memory of their wedding day, the most beautiful of their lives.


Pope Benedict XVI continues the tradition of the Wednesday morning General Audience. Though things may change again, the audiences in the summer are in St. Peter’s Square at 10:30 AM, and in the winter, they are held in the Nervi room.
You can also check the Vatican website for updates.

– Newlyweds

Couples planning to attend a papal audience, following their wedding may qualify for Newlywed or Sposi Novelli tickets. This is only available to couples who have been married within two months of the papal audience. There is a special seating section for newlyweds. Please know, however, that Pope Benedict XVI has not continued the tradition of blessing newlywed couples individually. Newlywed (Sposi Novelli) Ticket Procedures have changed. Newlyweds (within 8 weeks of their wedding) can sit in a special section, but do not have to wear their wedding attire. They must have their Wedding Certificate with them. Again, for now, to get sposi novelli tickets, you must have been married within two months of the papal audience. And, you must show proof of your recent marriage at the entrance. The guards at the door have been very strict about this requirement in the past few months, and some couples who have been married more than two months before have been turned away. When you arrive at the audience, you must present a certificate of Catholic marriage (a photocopy rather than the original certificate is acceptable).
-It seems that they DO NOT REQUIRE that couples wear their formal wedding attire, but they can. Wedding attire for western couples means a white gown for the bride and a dark suit for the groom. Regency was told that newlywed couples without this formal wedding attire, will be allowed to sit in the back of the section. As you have surmised, these procedures keep changing and we try very hard to keep abreast of them.

Regency can provide the tickets for the Audience. The tickets are at no cost. There is, however, a Regency service charge.


The Sunday Angelus is led by the Pope in Saint Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro) at 12 Noon. Tickets are not